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New Junior Digital Marketing & Multimedia Assistant - Lucy Groom

Written by Graphtec Admin

June 13, 2022

Graphtec GB warmly welcomes Lucy Groom to our growing Marketing Team. We thought we would ask Lucy a few ice-breaker questions so that you can all get to know her and her role at Graphtec a little better, over to you Lucy!


What’s your role at Graphtec GB?

“My role is to develop and grow Graphtec’s current online and digital marketing presence.

A big part of my role will be creating content across Graphtec’s ever-growing portfolio of marketing leading brands, such as Graphtec, Silhouette, Brother and our recent new in-house brand, Colour +Shape.”


Why did you choose Graphtec GB?

“There are a lot of exciting projects that are currently being worked on behind the scenes at Graphtec and I wanted to make sure to be part of the online growth and all of the exciting things to come.”


What are you most looking forward to working on?

“There are so many exciting things happening but for me, it is collaborating with the team to grow Graphtec’s online digital presence across all social platforms, especially growing the Craft Store Direct brand.”


How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

• Ambitious
• And I’m A Bit Of A Foodie


What would you say is your biggest/ proudest moment?

“Graduating University back in 2018 was a huge moment for me, I’m the first person in my family to graduate, I made it!

Tell us 2 skills/ talents that you possess?

I can belt out Will Young pretty well on the Karaoke, who needs the lyrics!
• I have close to 2 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

Thanks Lucy, we wish you the best of luck within your new role at Graphtec GB!



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