WidLaser C1000

CO2 Laser For Cutting, Engraving & Marking

The WidLaser C1000 CO2 Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking System is a customisable and user friendly laser cutting machine from the Portuguese laser manufacturer WidInovations.

The WidLaser C1000 will open up a wealth of new applications to your business and offers an efficient and versatile alternative to a CNC cutter with a large 1600mm x 1000mm active working area.

For Cutting: Acrylic | MDF | Wood | Fabric | Leather
For Engraving: Acrylic | MDF | Wood
For Marking: Coated Metals | Glass | Stone | Slate

Systems Include Delivery To Site, Installation & Training

Financing Options Available 

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A Full Service Solution That Includes:

UK Delivery & Warranty

Full Installation & Setup

Lifetime UK Technical Support

A Full Service Solution That Includes:

UK Delivery & Warranty

Full Installation & Setup

Lifetime UK Technical Support

Standard Workspace Features:

The C1000 uses a 120w CO2 laser tube to cut and engrave a diverse number of materials. WID Inovations employ their CleanProtect design to protect users from dust and smoke via its built-in extraction system and sealed construction. WID’s high-quality build features allow the C1000 to achieve cutting speeds of up to 3 times the industry standard.

The WidLaser C1000 is designed to effectively respond to the demanding needs of the laser engraving and cutting market. Wid Inovations have developed a compact, fast, robust, reliable and technologically advanced range of Laser cutting & engraving equipment to cater for the diverse needs of all users. 

The compact dual-chassis design allows you to have all of the necessary elements to properly function with the equipment in a single volume. Wid’s Clean Protect design, with special dust-proof and smoke-proof linear modules, allows for speeds and accelerations up to 3 times higher than conventional equipment. This way, Wid can ensure that the C1000 is always operational. 

  • Standard DC Glass Laser Tube: 120W
  • Working Area: 1600mmx1000mm
  • Max Object Thickness: 200mm
  • Max Engraving Speed: 1,000mm/s
  • Max Cutting Speed: 200mm/s
  • Minimum Character Size: 2mm x 2mm
  • Included Lens Size: 2.5″
  • 1 Year UK Warranty
  • Lifetime UK Technical Support

*subject to location


    Customise Your Laser System


    Customise your laser system below and one of our dedicated team will be in touch with a personalised quote, finance options, and the opportunity to view a product demonstration in-store. Graphtec GB are the official UK Distributor & Supplier for the Portuguese brand Wid Inovations and their range of superior grade WidLaser products.

    All of our WidLaser systems include delivery & installation by one of our engineers and if required, on-site training can be supplied during the installation process.

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    C1000 Key Features:
    • For Cutting & Engraving Of Thicker Rigid Materials
    • Lens Type: Auto Focus
    • Standard Laser Type: 120W C02 Laser
    • Optional CCD Camera System For Greater Intricacy
    • Maximum Speed: 72,000mm/min
    • Minimum Font Size: 2mm x 2mm
    • Max Object Thickness: 150mm
    • Automatic Temperature Control
    • Smoke Extraction Point
    • USB & Ethernet Network Connectivity
    • Automatic Air Control
    • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

    C1000 Workspace Specifications:
    • Machine Dimensions: W: 2190mm | D: 1620mm | H: 1120mm
    • Working Area: 1600 x 1000mm
    • Height Adjustable Head: Up To 150mm
    • XY Guide System: Linear Bearing & Guide Rails
    • Engraving Speeds: 0- 1,000mm/s
    • Cutting Speeds: 0 – 200mm/s
    • Reposition Accuracy: -/+0.01mm
    • Electrical Requirements: 230V | 16A | 50hz
    • Weight: 620KG

    C1000 Includes
    • Auto-Focus 2.5″ Lens With Red Laser Pointer (Guide)
    • Removable Blades
    • Removable Honeycomb Table
    • Processed Material Collection Draw
    • Integrated Water Chiller Unit & Reservoir
    • Air Compressor
    • Automatic Airflow & Temperature Control
    • Smoke Extraction System & Vent
    • USB & Network Connectivity
    • User Friendly Professional Grade RD Works Design Software (AI, DST, PLT, BMP, DXF)

    WidLaser Included Software:
    All WidLaser Systems include the RD Works Design Software Package and are also fully compatible with popular software packages from companies such as Lightburn.

    RD Works Design Software
    RD Works software allows you to design, control and operate your WidLaser Cutting & Engraving System with absolute ease. The intuitive design software allows you to create lines, shapes bezier curves and add text as well as allowing you to import and customise popular file types such as:
    • AI
    • DST
    • PLT
    • BMP
    • DXF

    RD Works: Compatibility
    RD Works Software is fully compatible with Windows operating systems from XP through to 10 and Apple OS. For experienced designers who may already experienced with other leading design softwares, RD Works is fully compatible with:
    • CorelDraw
    • Adobe Ilustrator
    • AutoCAD
    • Inkscape
    • 2D Design

    RD Works is a fantastic tool for both commercial users and educational environments. The software allows you to import files which enables the use of preferred software to design files, this is highly useful should a users or organisation decide to update of change their design software in the future.

    RD Works: Functionality
    • Control of the machines speed and power settings via the software interface
    • Programming of independent layers for different speed and power settings
    • Basic drawing functions
    • Basic edit functions such as move, resize, mirror and offset
    • Work simulation and preview
    • Compatible with Windows XP – 10. 32 and 64 bit available
    • Low CPU and RAM usage

    C1000 Optional Accessories & Upgrades:
    • Glass CO2 Laser Tube Upgrades: 150W | 180W
    • Iradion RF Ceramic Laser Tube Upgrades: 80W | 100W | 120W
    • CCD Camera System (Reduces Work Area By 50mm x 50mm)
    • Lens: 2″ | 4″
    • Rotary Attachment For Cylindrical Objects
    • Fume Extraction & Air Purification System


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