Mutoh Printer Inks

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Large Format Printer Inks

Discover advanced printing technology with Mutoh inks and printers. These inks cater to diverse needs. Experience MS51 CMYK inks for versatile indoor and outdoor graphics, offering vibrant colours, up to 3-year UV durability, weather resistance, and unique gloss retention.

Innovate with US11 LED UV CMYK, White, and Clear inks for Specialty/Industrial LED UV printers. Explore LUH/UH21 inkset for high-quality output on rigid materials. Embrace the fourth-gen UMS mild solvent inks, prioritizing safety, performance, and the environment.

Enhanced Graphics

Vivid colours, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and 3-year UV durability.


Suitable for long term outdoor and indoor commercial graphics.


Our eco inks are environmentally friendly and ozone-free.

Wide Colour Gamut

Unique shades for impeccable skin tones, gradients, and vibrant prints.