Graphtec FCX2000 Series | Flat Bed Cutting Plotter

Graphtec FCX2000 Series:

Graphtec GB Says
“The FCX2000 is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die and features head pressure of up to 1kg.”

FCX2000 Features & Specifications

“Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

The FCX2000 is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production runs of rigid materials without the use of a cutting die.

Reduce media waste/ processing time with Graphtec’s precision cutting performance and dedicated software. Added offline (USB) operation enables users of all skill levels to easily process materials.

Precision cutting is achieved by enhancements to the rigidity of moving mechanism that deflection due to pressure during cutting, this has enabled new functions such as curved creasing & scoring lines.

Graphtec flatbed cutting plotters meet the wide variety of application used in prototyping and short production runs of packaging used in industrial materials.

• Media Hold-Down Methods:
  > Vacuum Suction: 60cm | 120cm | 180cm
  > Electrostatic: 120cm Only
• Mountable Media (Y-Axis): 950mm
• Maximum Cutting Speed: 400 mm/s
• Tool 1 Cutting Force: Max 4.9N (500 gf)
• Tool 2 Cutting Force: Max 9.8N (1 kgf)
• Buffer Memory: 2MB
• Machine Weights: Approx 76kg – 116kg (Inc Stand)
• Warranty: 2 Years

Machine Specifications:
• Configuration: Digital Servo
• Media Hold Down Methods: Vacuum | Electrostatic
• Graphic Type LCD Display With Back Light
• Networking Ethernet Port
• Mountable Number Of Tools: 2 Tools (When Second Pen Kit Installed)
• Maximum Cutting Force: Tool 1: 500gf | Tool 2: 1kg
• Maximum Cutting Speed: 400mm/s
• Roll Media Stocker
• Interface: USB 2.0 Offline | USB 2.0 Cable
• Buffer Memory: 2MB

Performance Specifications:
• Minimum Character Size: Approx. 10mm Square (Varies Depending On Character Font & Type Of Media)
• Programmable Resolution: GP-GL: 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm | HP-GL™: 0.025 mm
• Repeat-ability: Max. 0.1 mm
• Perforation Cutting: Yes (Performed By Force Control)
• Die-Cutting: Yes
• Kiss Cutting: Yes

Media Specifications:
• Self Adhesive Vinyl – Up To 0.25mm Thick
• Heavy Paper / Board – Up To 0.5mm
• Pattern Paper / Oil Board – Up To 1.0mm
• Compressed Foam Sheet – Up To 0.8mm Thick
• Sandblast Resist Rubber – Up To 1.0mm Thick
• Cardboard (F/G Flute) – Up To 1.1mm Thick
• Clear Sheet For Plastic Boxes – Up To 1.0mm Thick
• High Intensity Reflective Film – Up To 1.0mm

• Cardboard Packaging
• Packaging / POP
• Stickers
• Sandblasting Materials
• Garment Pattern
• Traffic Signage
• Industrial Signage
• Industrial Goods
• Window Display

Machine Includes
• Matching Stand Including Lockable Castor Wheels
• Side Mounted Roll Media Stocker
• Media Catch Baskets (Front & Rear)
• Power Cable (3 Pin UK Plug)
• 2.9m USB Connection Cable
• User Manual

Included Accessory Bundle (Worth £261.20 (£313.44 inc VAT))
• Cutting Blade Holder (PHP33-CB15N-HS)
• Cutting Blade (CB15U)
• Loupe – For Checking Blade Length & Condition (PM-CT-001) 
• Fibre-Tipped Pen Holder (PHP31-FIBER)
• Water-Based Fibre Tipped Pen (KF700-BK)
• Height Adjustment Tool
• Hose To Connect To Vacuum Pump (Vacuum Models Only)

Becker SV Series Vacuum Pump

For Vacuum versions of the Graphtec FCX2000 they are supplied with a high grade Becker SV Series Vacuum Pump to provide the suction required to hold your media securely in place whilst the cutting plotter is in operation.


The Becker SC Series Offers:

• Multi-stage compression
• Low-pulsation suction air
• Efficient impeller design with curved blades
• Separated compression chambers allow for single-stage, twin flow or two-stage, single flow operation
• Variable length sound absorbers


Becker Says
“Using “multi-stage” compression, side channel vacuum pumps generate low-pulsation suction air and perfected impeller design with curved blades guarantees optimum efficiency. Separation of the compression chambers on both sides of the impeller permits single-stage, twin-flow as well as two-stage, single-flow operation with only one impeller. Vacuum filter and vacuum safety valve can be integrated as an optional extra in the patented design of the sound absorbers. The sound absorbers can be varied in length, affording flexible adjustment to available installation space.”

FCX2000 In Depth

Offline Operation
Using offline USB operation, even the most novice user is set to operate directly from the machine – without the use of a computer. USB operation enables operators of all skill levels to process various types of media for cutting. Having a designer create the plot file, it can be passed to users of any experience level to produce. Simply insert the USB and select the file from the intuitive new 3.7 inch Graphic LCD screen. The corresponding cutting conditions are automatically applied and the job is produced. Similarly, barcodes can be generated for print and cut applications. Cutting data is automatically selected from USB flash memory by scanning the generated barcode printed on the media to preform contour cutting. This reduces the potential for mistakes by the operator.

ARMS System
The FCX2000 Series is equipped with Graphtec’s renowned ARMS system (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) technology that allows users to accurately contour cut pre-printed graphics with ease. Auto-scanning of four point registration marks compensate for distortion in both X & Y directions to ensure precise cutting. Version 6.0 is packed with high productivity features such as ARMS Copy, One Point Compensation, Scan Start Position, and Expanded Cutting Area capability.

Dual Head Design
Dual head design delivers 500G and 1000G of force at speeds up to 400mm/s. Process materials thick or thin – including: Rubylith, Static Cling Film, Vinyl, Rubber Sandblast, Diamond Grade Reflective, Chipboard, E flute* and more. Three table sizes of 36”x 24”, 36” x 48”, and 36”x 72” are available utilizing enhanced vacuum suction media hold down.

Interface: Ethernet, USB2.0 and Serial RS-232C | Intuitive 3.7” LCD Screen | Digital Servo Motor USB Flash Memory for Offline Operation | Win & Mac Compatible

The Graphtec FCX2000 is driven by Graphtec Pro Studio (Studio for MAC) and includes the Cutting Master 4 plugin to allow you to drive the plotter from softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Graphtec Pro Studio (PC Only)
Easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. Includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. EPS / Ai / CMX / PDF file compatibility allows users to import pre-existing designs.

Graphtec Studio For MAC
This is an easy-to-use application software for Mac OS to create original designs. Images can be easily created by using the program icons that are arranged around the drawing area.

Cutting Master 4
Cutting Master 4 is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Send cutting data to the plotter, view cut preview, add registration marks, edit tool conditions / job settings and more. This easy to use plug-in enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.

graphtec fcx2000 - technical data sheet

• Effective Cutting Area: 610mm x 920mm
• Mountable Media (Y-Axis): 950mm
• Media Hold Down Method: Vacuum  
• External Dimensions: W: 1,344mm x D: 1,409mm x H: 930mm
• Machine Weight: 76KG (Inc Stand)

• Effective Cutting Area: 1,200mm x 920mm
• Mountable Media (Y-Axis): 950mm
• Media Hold Down Method: Vacuum  
• External Dimensions: W: 1,934mm x D: 1,409mm x H: 930mm
• Machine Weight: 99KG (Inc Stand)

• Effective Cutting Area: 610mm x 920mm
• Mountable Media (Y-Axis): 950mm
• Media Hold Down Method: Electrostatic
• External Dimensions: W: 1344mm x D: 1409mm x H: 930mm
• Machine Weight: 93KG (Inc Stand)

• Effective Cutting Area: 1,800mm x 920mm
• Mountable Media (Y-Axis): 950mm
• Media Hold Down Method: Vacuum  
• External Dimensions: W: 1,934mm x D: 1,409mm x H: 930mm
• Machine Weight: 116KG (Inc Stand)

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