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The NEW Graphtec FC9000 Series Cutting Plotter is
available in 4 widths:
75cm | 100cm | 140cm | 160cm

> New Barcode Data Management System
> Optional Automatic Take-Up Roller
> Updated & Improved ARMS 8.0 System

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Welcome to Graphtec GB

“Recording The Past – Plotting The Future”

The name Graphtec is abbreviated from Graphics Technology, which just about sums us up really. Graphtec are a leading manufacturer of powerful yet easy to use imaging products for a wide variety of applications. Graphtec plotting instruments are used across a wide spectrum of industries from CAD applications to sign making.

Graphtec’s success is a natural by-product of our over half-century commitment to researching, designing and building only the highest quality products for our customers. We work closely with our customers which is why we understand their specific needs which enables Graphtec to provide the best solution to suit their needs.

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