Rigid LED UV Ink

Mutoh’s LUH/UH21 inkset, specifically designed for Mutoh’s LED UV printers, empowers you to print on objects and rigid materials. With 4-colour plus white and clear inks, LUH/UH21 ensures ultra-sharp, high-quality output on transparent and coloured substrates, offering multi-layer and spot varnish effects. 

Available in 220 ml cassettes or 800 ml packs (500 ml white), these inks unlock a realm of creative possibilities, enabling printing on transparent media and non-white substrates, as well as multi-layer printing and spot varnish effects. 

Experience exceptional print quality on diverse materials such as ABS, wood, aluminium board, PC, PE, PET, PMMA (acrylic), PP, PS, PVC, cardboard, glass, and more, and explore countless new application opportunities with Mutoh LUH/UH21 inks.

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Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, White, Varnish


220ml, 500ml, 800ml

Product Information

Mutoh UH21/LUH inks are specially designed for Mutoh's XpertJet / ValueJet LED UV printers, utilising piezo drop-on-demand head technology. These LED UV printers incorporate energy-saving cool cure UV LED lamps, which are free from heavy metals, require no warm-up time, and are ideal for heat-sensitive media.

Product Highlights:

  • Enable printing on the widest range of materials
  • Rigid Inks: Suitable for rigid materials including objects
  • Output is dry and ready to finish right from the printer
  • Cool UV cure technology – low energy consumption and ideal for heat-sensitive media
  • Non HAP – no air purifier required
  • Excellent adhesion and scratch resistance

Prints produced with UH21/LUH inks come out dry and ready for finishing or delivery, making them suitable for various applications, including photos on wood, polycarbonate, rigid phone covers, badges, business cards, magnets, and more*. 

The inks cater to short-run items, one-off designs, product prototypes, personalized gifts, packaging, souvenirs, awards, speciality industrial items, labels, signs, and more, making them a versatile solution for your printing needs. 

Compatible With:

  • ValueJet 426UF,
  • ValueJet 626UF, 
  • ValueJet 1638UH Mark II,
  • XpertJet 461UF, 
  • XpertJet 661UF.

* : Ink adhesion will very among type & brand. The level of required adhesion on the final graphic depends on handling and usage. Individual testing is required in the function of your specific application. Challenging substrates like glass, acrylic, and PP may require the use of adhesion promoters/primers.


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