MS51 Sign & Display Inks

Mutoh’s innovative MS51 CMYK inks – obtainable in one-litre packs – represent an economical solution for speedy drying sign and display inks, enabling printing on an extensive assortment of uncoated and coated substrates. They’re perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor commercial graphics that require durability.

The MS51 inks lead the market with their health and safety attributes: they are not labelled with any danger or hazard symbols, they are free of gBL1, and they support ozone-free printing. Consequently, these inks are suitable for a variety of settings, including regular offices, home-based businesses, or smaller retail environments.

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Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow



Product Information

Mutoh’s MS51 inks will meet the demands of contemporary sign professionals when it comes to both indoor and outdoor signage applications. They promise broad media compatibility, superior colour range, remarkable resistance to weather, abrasion and chemicals, and UV durability for up to 3 years without lamination. Moreover, these inks preserve the unique gloss of prints and offer outstanding drying properties, further enhancing their appeal.

Product Highlights:

  • 1-litre ink packs in disposable foil, reducing waste
  • 4 colours - C, M, Y, K
  • Hazard-free inks: no danger or hazard symbols
  • gBL1 free ink formulation
  • Quick dry inks – door opener to same-day lamination
  • Vibrant high-density prints, excellent dot gain
  • Superior colour gamut & media gloss preservation
  • Suited for long-term outdoor and indoor commercial graphics
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance scores
  • UV durability without lamination up to 3 years outdoor2
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification, category Wallpaper

Compatible With:

  • XpertJet 1641SR Pro
  • XpertJet 1682SR Pro

1 : gBL stands for gamma-Butyrolactone. gBL has excellent solubility/stabilizing properties. The ingredient is questioned. As a pure product, it can be used as a base product for the production of recreational drugs, improvement of athletic performance, etc. Digital inks containing substantial amounts of gBL are questioned too. In a certain number of countries, inks containing gBL can no longer be imported.

2 : For heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress or environmental impact is involved (floor, vehicle and marine graphics), lamination is required. Stabilisation is required prior to lamination. Thanks to the quick dry behaviour of MS51 inks, time before the lamination of prints will be substantially shorter.


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