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March 5, 2024

Colourbyte Europe, an existing Graphtec GB reseller, has added Mutoh’s XpertJet 1341SR Pro and ValueJet 628 printers to its offering.

Lawrence Hebron, UK product manager (Mutoh) for Graphtec GB, said: “This is an important appointment for us. Colourbyte has been a valued reseller of Graphtec GB for many years, and we are delighted that they are extending their product portfolio with us. The Mutoh printers fulfil Colourbyte’s desire to provide an eco-solvent range of printers that are ideally suited to their customers’ need for quality output, reduced cost per print and a space-saving solution.”

In January 2024 Colourbyte installed a 54in Mutoh XpertJet 1341SR Pro at its demonstration facility in Hemel Hempstead. Further Mutoh 24in ValueJet models will be installed soon.

Andreas Tangemann, operations director for Colourbyte, said: “We work with many leading brands, including Graphtec GB, Epson, Canon and Vivid, as well as offering a huge range of own brand printable media for framed canvases, photographic prints, posters, wall coverings and much more.

“The photo gift market has become hugely competitive and cost-sensitive. The sale price of a canvas print has come down dramatically, so our customers are always looking to cut the cost of production in order to gain a competitive edge. Eco-solvent ink is around half the price of water-based pigment ink and is more durable and water resistant, meaning there is no need to varnish, which saves time and money compared to water-based printers. When we saw Mutoh’s new range of eco-solvent printers with their small footprint we realised they would greatly benefit customers wanting to move to eco-solvent but had limited floor space.”

He ended: “We are delighted to be able to sell Mutoh printers. We have already experienced Graphtec GB’s excellent support, so we are very confident that this will continue as we develop our relationship into wide-format eco-solvent printing. We look forward to presenting these printers to our customers and further extending the range of solutions we provide.”

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