Upgrade Your Print Finishing Department

Written by graphtecstaging

December 1, 2021

Looking to upgrade your print finishing department? Now is the best time to upgrade your equipment with a plentiful stock of the CE and FC series cutting plotters and the Wid Inovations L300 Laminating System.


Graphtec FC9000 160cm Cutting Plotter

The FC9000-160 is the ultimate cutting plotter available on the market today. It is the plotter all others aspire to compare to but are never quite able to achieve its A* performance capabilities.

FC9000 Key Features:

• 4 Widths Available: 75cm | 100cm | 140cm | 160cm
• Maximum Cutting Speed: 1485mm/s
• Cutting Force: Max 5.88N (600gf)
• Networking Capabilities
• Data Link Function (Barcode Reader)
• Optional Automatic Take-Up Spool For 140 & 160 Models
• In-Built Cross-Cutter Function For Sheet Off
• Servo Driven Grit Roller Type
• Buffer Memory: 2MB
• Warranty: 3 Years

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Graphtec CE7000 160cm Cutting Plotter

If you don’t require quite as many features as what the FC9000 offers then the CE7000 is a fantastic alternative to pair up with the WidLamintor L300.

CE7000 Key Features:

• Available In 4 Widths: 40cm | 60cm | 130cm | 160cm
• 3 Model Formats: Desktop | Standalone | Enhanced
• Max Cutting Speed: Up To 1000mm/s (130 & 160 options)
• Cutting Force: Max 450gf
• Networking Capabilities
• ARMS 8.0 Optical Eye For Print & Cut
• Continuous Cut Capabilities (Barcode Reader)
• Reliable Long-Length Tracking (Up To 5m)
• Large Graphic Type LCD Control Panel
• Warranty: 2 Years

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WidLaminator L300

The final piece to your print finishing department, the Wid Inovations WidLaminator L300 is feature-packed and comes in at a quite incredible price point.

The L300 is a 3 for the price of 1 system as it can be used as:
• Laminating System
• Application System
• Media Slitting System (On X-Axis)

L300 Key Features:
• For Overlaying Printed Materials & Laminates
• Width: 160cm
• Max Speed: Up To 7m/min
• 130mm Diameter Silicon Roller
• Pneumatic Roller System
• Manual & Automatic Modes
• Includes Silent Compressor & Vertical Cutting Blades
• Heated Top Roller Up To 60c
• Hand Sensor
• Warranty: 1 Year

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