Upgrade Your Print Finishing Department

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Looking to upgrade your print finishing department? Now is the best time to upgrade your equipment with plentiful stock of the CE and FC series cutting plotters and the Wid Inovations L300 Laminating System.

graphtec fc9000 - 160 - with accessories - angled

Graphtec FC9000 160cm Cutting Plotter

The FC9000-160 is the ultimate cutting plotter available on the market today. It is the plotter all others aspire to compare to but are never quite able to achieve it’s A* performance capabilities.

FC9000 Key Features:

• 4 Widths Available: 75cm | 100cm | 140cm | 160cm
• Maximum Cutting Speed: 1485mm/s
• Cutting Force: Max 5.88N (600gf)
• Networking Capabilities
• Data Link Function (Barcode Reader)
• Optional Automatic Take-Up Spool For 140 & 160 Models
• In-Built Cross-Cutter Function For Sheet Off
• Servo Driven Grit Roller Type
• Buffer Memory: 2MB
• Warranty: 3 Years

Graphtec CE7000 160cm Cutting Plotter

If you don’t require quite as many features as what the FC9000 offers then the CE7000 is a fantastic alternative to pair up with the WidLamintor L300.

CE7000 Key Features:

• Available In 4 Widths: 40cm | 60cm | 130cm | 160cm
• 3 Model Formats: Desktop | Standalone | Enhanced
• Max Cutting Speed: Up To 1000mm/s (130 & 160 options)
• Cutting Force: Max 450gf
• Networking Capabilities
• ARMS 8.0 Optical Eye For Print & Cut
• Continuous Cut Capabilities (Barcode Reader)
• Reliable Long-Length Tracking (Up To 5m)
• Large Graphic Type LCD Control Panel
• Warranty: 2 Years

graphtec ce7000-160 - with stand & basket - angled

WidLaminator L300

The final piece to your print finishing department, the Wid Inovations WidLaminator L300 is feature packed and comes in at a quite incredible price point.

The L300 is a 3 for the price of 1 system as it can be used as:
• Laminating System
• Application System
• Media Slitting System (On X Axis)

L300 Key Features:
• For Overlaying Printed Materials & Laminates
• Width: 160cm
• Max Speed: Up To 7m/min
• 130mm Diameter Silicon Roller
• Pneumatic Roller System
• Manual & Automatic Modes
• Includes Silent Compressor & Vertical Cutting Blades
• Heated Top Roller Up To 60c
• Hand Sensor
• Warranty: 1 Year