Trimwel Ltd and Graphtec GB Partnership

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January 25, 2024


Trimwel Ltd, based in Dublin, Ireland, has been a leading distributor in the signage industry for 41 years. Trimwel sees itself as a supplier of desirable brands, and Graphtec GB aligns perfectly with this vision, complementing the company’s commitment to offering top-tier products. The company pioneered the Computer Cut Lettering Revolution by distributing 3M 100 Series Sign Vinyl. They offer a full range of Digital and Sign materials to the sign and print industry and are a one-stop-shop for all their customers’ machine and material needs. The company is run by Nick Little who has served as the Managing Director for the past 11 years.

Partnership Duration and Motivation

Trimwel has been a distributor for Graphtec GB since the early 90s. The motivation behind this enduring partnership is the commitment to providing the Irish market with high-quality machines known for their build quality and reliability. The company focuses on distributing Graphtec GB’s FC and CE range of plotters, along with the WidLaser range of machines where they are now the established WidLaser reseller to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland markets. The primary target industries include signage, vehicle protection, and other applications within the signmaking sector.

Differentiators of Graphtec GB Machines

“Graphtec GB machines stand out due to their exceptional build quality and a proven track record. The Irish signmakers value the durability and minimal support needed, contributing to the machines’ reputation in the market,” said Nick Little (Managing Director). Trimwel adopts a customer-centric approach by providing comprehensive support and training. The half-day training sessions, coupled with the user-friendly nature of Graphtec GB machines, ensure that customers feel confident and empowered to maximise the potential of their equipment. The provision of SignLab Software further enhances the customer’s capabilities, demonstrating Trimwel’s commitment to delivering value beyond the initial purchase. They constantly seek to innovate and educate customers in the varied uses of the machines such as in the automotive industry utilising Graphtec GB machines for applying paint protection film (PPF) in vehicle protection applications.

Relationship Building

Maintaining long-term relationships with customers is a priority for Trimwel. Their six sales representatives actively engage with customers, keeping communication lines open and providing ongoing support. Supplying materials for machine testing not only showcases Trimwel’s dedication to customer success but also allows clients to experience the capabilities of Graphtec GB machines firsthand.

Future Plans and Developments

“Trimwel is excited about the WidLaser range and looks forward to its successful integration into the product offerings. It will complement our existing range of machines and further enhance our commitment to the industry and increases our options within the varied markets that we serve”, said Nick Little.

Market Trends and Adaptation

Trimwel demonstrates a keen awareness of market trends, noting a resurgence in vinyl lettering. Recognising the complementary relationship between vinyl lettering and digital print, Trimwel positions itself to meet diverse customer needs. This adaptability reflects a forward-thinking approach, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of industry developments. In addition, they are kept up to date by Ellen Wain, Graphtec GB’s product specialist, whose timely updates from Graphtec GB are identified as key factors contributing to the partnership’s success. The acknowledgment of Graphtec GB as market leaders, offering the best build quality and reliability among cutting plotter manufacturers, further emphasises the importance of staying at the cutting edge of technology. This proactive stance ensures that Trimwel can continue to offer state-of-the-art solutions to its customers, maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

After-Sales Service and Maintenance

Ross Douglas handles Trimwel’s comprehensive after-sales service, maintenance, and repairs for Graphtec GB machines, ensuring minimal downtime for customers – if their customers require it – along with answering any questions that the clients may have.

Future Demand and Collaboration Opportunities:

Trimwel foresees a continuous demand for plotters in the signmaking industry. The key factors contributing to the partnership’s success include innovation and timely updates from Graphtec GB, providing ample opportunities for future collaboration, such as the introduction of the WidLaser. This forward-looking approach to embracing new products and technologies indicates a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends. By leveraging Graphtec GB’s advancements, Trimwel positions itself as a supplier of cutting-edge solutions, attracting customers who seek the latest and most innovative technologies for their applications.

In summary, Trimwel Ltd’s partnership with Graphtec GB is characterised by a commitment to customer satisfaction, adaptability to market trends, and a proactive approach to innovation. These elements collectively contribute to the longevity and success of the collaboration, ensuring that Trimwel remains a trusted distributor in the signmaking industry.

For further information on Trimwel contact +35312940188  [email protected]

For further information on the Graphtec GB range of machines +44 (0)1978 666700 [email protected]

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