Origin Sign Co. selects Graphtec cutting machines and WidLaser

Written by GraphtecGB

May 2, 2024

IMG (ABV) Joe Clark with the Graphtec Cutting Pro FC9000-160

Just a few months after its big rebrand, Origin Sign Co. is continuing its development as one of the Northwest’s most innovative and progressive sign companies. Thanks to some wise investments in great technology, particularly from Graphtec GB, the company is able to deliver a broad range of sign applications to customers large and small across the UK. 

James Watterson with the WidLaser C1000 Laser cutting system    

Previously Motion Graphix, the Skelmersdale-based company, became Origin Sign Co. in December 2023. Joe Clark (Digital Print Manager) explains, “The rebrand is a huge deal for us and very important for the future development of the business. We felt the old branding and name no longer represented us, especially with the excellent team we have now, and while rebranding is quite a bold move, it is something we knew we had to do to breathe new life into the business. The entire team has come together to deliver the rebranding, as it was something we wanted everyone to play a part in, and we are all really proud of the result.”

The Origin team wanted to get the rebranding right to ensure a seamless transition for existing customers and a clear understanding of its vision and values for new customers. “We’re immensely proud of the culture we have built here. We work hard, but we also have a lot of fun along the way, and that energy is something that we really want to highlight through the branding.” Origin works for some of the biggest organisations in the UK, such as the NHS, Sanctuary Homes, and Peabody, but it is also well set up to work with businesses of all sizes. They have an experienced in-house team that produces everything under one roof using state-of-the-art equipment.

Joe adds, “We love taking on projects that allow us to get creative. As a team, we’re always brainstorming new ideas and thinking of better ways to do things. Whether it’s reviewing our in-house processes to increase efficiency or re-imagining existing products that we offer to take them to the next level; we work tirelessly to utilise every possible resource we have at our disposal to give us that edge.”

Investing in new technology meant that Origin could reduce the costs associated with outsourcing work to other companies, “In the past, we’d rely on other companies to supply us with things such as cut acrylic letters, which can come with its own array of problems.” But it also generated some important additional benefits. “The new machines have given us the freedom to explore new ideas and experiment with new techniques,” says Joe, adding, “I can’t stress enough how much they have transformed the business, enabling us to offer much more value and a broader range of solutions to our customers.” 

New cutting equipment from Graphtec GB 

Working closely with Graphtec GB, Origin Sign Co. purchased a Graphtec FC9000-160 cutting plotter and a WidLaser C1000 Laser cutting system. James Watterson, Production Manager,  has been getting to know the C1000. “The WidLaser is a fantastic machine!” he says, adding, “Since the day it was installed, it has been so reliable and consistent. The quality, detail and intricacy of the output it delivers are amongst the best we have ever seen. I have loved getting to know this machine and creating some fantastic signage with it.” 

The WidLaser C1000 is equipped with high-end Glass CO2 Laser Tubes capable of cutting, engraving and marking onto a wide range of rigid and malleable materials. It is quiet and incredibly precise and allows users to cut and engrave onto materials that traditional cutting plotters cannot handle as easily, such as wood, acrylic, MDF and more. 

James continues, “The WidLaser has created so many great opportunities for us. It’s super-fast, which allows us to turn jobs around more quickly, and its versatility has significantly increased the range of materials we can work with and the applications we can deliver. We’ve recently worked with a company that needed us to laser engrave some wooden tee markers for a golf club, and the level of detail and accuracy the C1000 was able to produce were incredible. The finished product looked very impressive, and the feedback from the customer was brilliant as well.” 

Joe spends more time with the Graphtec cutter, and again, he is impressed with the speed, accuracy, and versatility this machine offers. “The Graphtec is incredibly easy to use. It cuts quickly and precisely, and customers are always pleased with what we deliver. For cut-vinyl applications, it delivers time and time again with great consistency and reliability.” 

Great support 

Joe and James have both appreciated the help, guidance and support from the team at Graphtec GB. James says, “The machines themselves have been very reliable, so we haven’t needed much in the way of technical support. However, whenever we have needed some help or guidance, we can’t fault Graphtec GB. They are always happy to assist and able to solve any issues very quickly, which is great for us because it keeps downtime to a minimum, keeps production flowing, and helps us achieve the most from our investment. 

The team at Origin are very excited about what the future holds for the business. “Even though we’re not a new business, the rebranding makes us feel like we are, so it’s a very exciting time for us,” says Joe. “While we have big plans for the future, our shorter-term aims are to maximise the potential of everything we have invested in so far. In particular, the WidLaser offers us so much potential and we’re really looking forward to seeing how far it can take us.” 

James concludes, “We’re very passionate about what we do, and with the team and technology we have now, I think we all feel strongly that we can be a real force in the sign industry. Something else that we’re also really committed to is sharing our journey on social media, offering insights into the sign-making process and showcasing some of our work. With the investments we’ve made, we’re really keen to show off how we are using it to develop as a business.” 


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