Graphtec GL2000 | High Voltage Data Logger

Standalone Multi-Channel Data Logger Supports High Voltage Measurements 4 Channel High Speed Simultaneous Sampling

“The Graphtec GL2000 is equipped with an isolated input mechanism to protect signals from interference caused by noise from other channels. 16-bit A/D converter adopted to achieve hi-speed and hi-resolution measurement..”

Key Features:

7" TFT Screen

Smartphone Remote Access

High Voltage Model

4 Channels

GL2000 HV Data Logger

GL2000 utilizes simultaneous sampling to eliminate slowdown in sampling rate by using multiple A/D converters in simultaneous sampling method. Four individual A/D converters in each channel sustains the maximum sampling speed for all four channels to measure high speed rapid voltage fluctuation and multi-channel vibration measurement.
Sampling interval: 1 µs to 1 min (in steps of 1, 2, 5).

Sampling of the logger is performed in sync with an external device using an external signal input.
Maximum input frequency: 100 kHz.

GL2000 Optional Accessories To Enhance Performance

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