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WidLaser C700:

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Graphtec GB Says
“The Wid Inovations WidLaser C700 Model offers a larger cutting bed that the C500 and can be equipped with a camera system to achieve perfect cuts for even the most intricate designs.”

C700 Features & Specifications

The WidLaser C700 Cutting & Engraving System from Wid Inovations features an optional CCD Camera system to allow it to cut to a greater level of intricacy than the C500 version.

Adding a laser cutting & engraving system to your business opens up a wealth of new media applications which allows you to cut thicker materials than you can normally achieve with a traditional drag knife cutting plotter.

The C700 uses a RECI W2 CO2 Laser to either cut through or engrave onto a plethora of different materials. Wid Inovations have used their CleanProtect design specifications in the manufacture of the C700 which means the machine protects you from dust and smoke via its sealed linear module construction and extraction system which reduces maintenance intervals and the potential risk of downtime.

The high-quality build features and construction of the C700 allow it to achieve cutting speeds of up to 3 times the industry standard and with the included easy to use and powerful software package the C700 is perfect for both professionals and beginners alike.

Endless Applications | Easy To Operate | Reliable, Accurate, Robust

• For Cutting & Engraving Of Thicker Rigid Materials
• Lens Type: RECI W2 / SPT T90
• Standard Laser Type: 90W CO2
• Optional CCD Camera System For Greater Intricacy
• Maximum Speed: 75,000mm/min
• Minimum Font Size: 2mm x 2mm
• Max Object Thickness: 150mm
• Automatic Temperature Control
• Smoke Extraction Point
• USB & Ethernet Network Connectivity
• Automatic Air Control
• Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

• Machine Dimensions: W: 1580mm | D: 1350 | H: 1150mm
• Working Area: 1000 x 700mm
• Height Adjustable Head: Up To 150mm
• XY Guide System: Linear Bearing & Guide Rails
• Engraving Speeds: 0- 600mm/s
• Cutting Speeds: 0 – 400mm/s
• Reposition Accuracy: -/+0.01mm
• Electrical Requirements: 230V | 16A | 50hz
• Weight: 350KG

• Control Software Panel
• Optional CCD Camera
• Laser Water Cooler Unit
• Distance Auto Focus Head
• In-Built Extractor & Exhaust
• Air Assisted Head
• Red Laser Pointer (Guide)
• Height Adjustable Honeycomb Bed
• Removable Blade Bed
• Waste / Part Collection Draw

• Chiller
• Fume Extractor
• User Friendly Professional Grade Software (AI, DST, PLT, BMP, DXF)

• 60W RF Lasers
• 2″ Lens
• 4″ Lens
• 4 Wheel Rotary Attachment

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