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WidLaser C1000:

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Graphtec GB Says
“The WidLaser C1000 Model is the largest option in the C Series from Wid Inovations and is perfect for large format cutting or engraving jobs.”

C1000 Features & Specifications

The WidLaser C1000 is designed to effectively respond to the demanding needs of the laser engraving and cutting market.

Wid Inovations have developed a compact, fast, robust, reliable and technologically advanced range of Laser cutting & engraving equipment to cater for the diverse needs of all users.

The compact dual-chassis design allows you to have all of the necessary elements to properly function with the equipment in a single volume.

Wid’s Clean Protect design, with special dust-proof and smoke-proof linear modules allows for speeds and accelerations up to 3 times higher than conventional equipment.

This way, Wid can ensure that the C1000 is always operational.

Endless Applications | Easy To Operate | Reliable, Accurate, Robust

• For Cutting & Engraving Of Thicker Rigid Materials
• Lens Type: Auto Focus
• Standard Laser Type: 120W C02 Laser
• Optional CCD Camera System For Greater Intricacy
• Maximum Speed: 72,000mm/min
• Minimum Font Size: 2mm x 2mm
• Max Object Thickness: 150mm
• Automatic Temperature Control
• Smoke Extraction Point
• USB & Ethernet Network Connectivity
• Automatic Air Control
• Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer

• Machine Dimensions: W: 2190mm | D: 1620mm | H: 1120mm
• Working Area: 1600 x 1000mm
• Height Adjustable Head: Up To 150mm
• XY Guide System: Linear Bearing & Guide Rails
• Engraving Speeds: 0- 600mm/s
• Cutting Speeds: 0 – 400mm/s
• Reposition Accuracy: -/+0.01mm
• Electrical Requirements: 230V | 16A | 50hz
• Weight: 620KG

• Control Software Panel
• CCD Camera
• Laser Water Cooler Unit
• Distance Auto Focus Head
• In-Built Extractor & Exhaust
• Air Assisted Head
• Red Laser Pointer (Guide)
• Height Adjustable Bed
• Honeycomb Bed
• Removable Blade Bed
• Waste / Part Collection Draw

• Chiller
• Fume Extractor (120w Version)
• User Friendly Professional Grade Software (AI, DST, PLT, BMP, DXF)

• 150W CO2 Laser
• 180W CO2 Laser
• 80W RF Laser
• 100W RF Laser
• 120W RF Laser
• Chiller
• 2″ Lens
• 4″ Lens
• 4 Wheel Rotary Attachment
• CCD Camera

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