Graphtec FC8600 Series Cutting Plotter

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Graphtec GB Says
“The Graphtec FC8600 has now been replaced by the FC9000 range.”

Key Features:

  • Roll Fed Cutting Plotter
  • Was Available In 5 Widths:
    60cm | 75cm | 100cm | 130cm | 160cm
  • Maximum Cutting Speed: 1485mm/s
  • Cutting Force: Max 5.88N (600gf)
  • Networking Capabilities
  • In-Built Cross-Cutter Function For Sheet Off
  • Buffer Memory: 2MB
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Included Software:

  • Graphtec Pro Studio (For Windows)
  • Graphtec Studio (For MAC)
  • Cutting Master 4 (For Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW Integration)

Machine Includes:

  • Blade: Graphtec 0.9mm Supersteel CB09UB
  • Blade Holder: Graphtec 0.9mm PHP-33-CB09N-HS
  • Pen Holder: Fibre Tip PHP31-FIBER
  • Pen: KF700 Series Fibre Tip
  • Carrier Sheet: A3 Size
  • Media Basket (Catch Nets)
  • Machine Stand With Media Rollers




Graphtec FC8600 Series Cutting Plotter


The Graphtec FC8600 Series Cutting Plotter provides higher levels of productivity and greater ease of use than any other cutting plotter on the market.

The FC8600 comes as standard with media catch nets, networking capabilities, built-in cross-cutter, stand and is available in 5 different widths to perfectly fit into your work space and media requirements.

Fastest Cutting Speed In Class | Reliable Long Length Tracking | Highest Cutting Force In Class

Key Specifications:

  • Configuration: Grit Roller With Digital Servo Drive System
  • Built-In Cross Cutter
  • Networking Port
  • Media Catch Baskets
  • Media Tracking Distance: 15m
  • Maximum Cutting Force: 5.88N (600gf)
  • Minimum Character Size: Approx. 3mm Alphanumeric (Varies Depending On Character Font & Type Of Media)
  • Programmable Resolution: GP-GL: 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm, HP-GL™: 0.025 mm
  • Repeat-ability: Max. 0.1 mm In Plot up to 2m
  • Mountable Number Of Tools: 2 Tool (When Second Pen Kit Installed)
  • Blade Type: Supersteel
  • Pen Type: Oil-Based Ballpoint | Water-Based Fibre-Tip
  • Media Type: Self-Adhesive Marking Film Up To 0.25mm Thick
  • Perforation Cutting: Yes (Performed By Force Control)
  • Interface: RS-232C | USB 2.0
  • Buffer Memory: 2MB

What’s Included:

  • Plotter Including Matching Stand & Media Stocker
  • Cutting Blade Holder: PHP33-CB09N-HS
  • Cutting Blade: CB09UB
  • Loupe: PM-CT-001 For Checking Blade Length & Condition
  • Fibre-Tipped Pen Holder: PHP31-FIBER
  • Water-Based Fibre Tipped Pen: KF700-BK
  • USB Cable: 2.9m Long
  • Manual

Machine Widths:

  • 60 = 610mm | 24 Inches
  • 75 = 760mm | 30 Inches
  • 100 = 1060mm | 42 Inches
  • 130 = 1370mm | 54 Inches
  • 160 = 1620mm | 64 Inches

Optional Extras:

Graphtec FC8600 Series: Operation

The FC8600 Series Cutting Plotter utilises these enhanced functions to give provide the operator with a higher rate of productivity.

Intuitive Operation
Settings can be easily set up using the large 3 inch LCD and tactile control panel. It is icon driven and supports multiple languages.

Performance Cutting
Perforation cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force instead of balde up/down movements, increasing throughput. This is perfect for cutting separations lines for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs and others.

Auto-Paneling is a new feature that automatically splits long-length jobs into smaller pages that are cut sequentially but without any gaps. The result is a seamless, long-length finished job. Media movement is liited to the smaller page being cut, improving accuracy and tracking.

Dual Configuration
Save 2 user settings with 8 condition settings for each user. A fast access key allows quick switching between users. One cutter can be shared by multiple users or for multiple purposes.

2 Tool Configuration For Cutting & Plotting
This operational can be achieved when the 2nd pen kit is purchased for the plotter. It attaches to the head of the plotter and holds both pen for plotting and a blade for perforated cutting. The tool is automatically switched for cutting and plotting as needed.

Graphtec FC8600 Series: A.R.M.S For Print & Cut

The CE6000 Plus is equipped with the A.R.M.S (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) 5.0 System to allow for easy and highly accurate print & and cut applications for pre-printed media. This system allows you to cut out around pre-printed designs to create adhesive-back labels and stickers or die-cut / perforation cut through card to create packaging samples out of card.

4-Point Axis Alignment
This feature compensates for any skewing and shrinking on the X and Y-axis using sophisticated algorithms. This leads to more accurate registration and improves the reliability and quality of Print & Cut.

Expanded Effective Cutting Area
The ARMS system expands the cutting area to include outside of the area enclosed by registration marks. This increases production efficiency by reducing media waste.

Multiple-Mark Compensation
When a design is printed using the matrix copy function, the marks are read and contour cutting is repeated for each copy. It can significantly improve productivity for Print and Cut.

Copy With ARMS
The COPY key allows fast access for making copies of downloaded data. It also supports cutting data including the ARMS control command for processing multiple sheets without a PC.

graphtec fc8600 - applications image

Graphtec FC8600 Series: Applications

The FC8600 Plus Is Perfect For:

  • Large Format Sign Makers
  • Vehicle Wrapping Centres
  • Apparel Markets
  • Print & Cut Label And Sticker Creation

The FC8600 Plus is The Best Plotter For:

  • Sign Vinyl
  • Large Format Print & Cut Media
  • High Intensity Reflective Vinyl
  • Paint Protection Films & Vehile Wrap
  • Apparel Pattern Paper

Graphtec FC8600 Series: Included Software

The Graphtec FC8600 uses exactly the same enhanced commercial grade design software as the top of the range Flat Bed plotters and includes the Cutting Master 4 plugin to allow you to drive the plotter from softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

Graphtec Pro Studio (PC Only)
Easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. Includes enhanced functions such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other settings on the plotter. EPS / Ai / CMX / PDF file compatibility allows users to import pre-existing designs.

Graphtec Studio For MAC
This is an easy-to-use application software for Mac OS to create original designs. Images can be easily created by using the program icons that are arranged around the drawing area.

Cutting Master 4
Cutting Master 4 is a plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. Send cutting data to the plotter, view cut preview, add registration marks, edit tool conditions / job settings and more. This easy to use plug-in enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.


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60cm, 75cm, 100cm, 130cm, 160cm