Data Loggers

Test & measurement equipment for
engineers & corporates

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Professional Data Loggers

Graphtec Instrument products RECORDING THE WORLD AROUND YOU – temperature, strain, pressure, voltage, current — these are some the measurements that your Graphtec data loggers will faithfully capture for you. Measure in real time or set significant trigger points across multiple channels, Graphtec data loggers are the name for quality, reliability and accuracy.

Easy operation

Providing quality, reliability and accuracy

Wide variety of measurements

Long term measurement

A wide range for whatever it is you need

Test and measurement equipment for engineers and corporates.

From the inexpensive portable wireless logging of the GL100 to the modular GL7000 series with a maximum 1120 inputs Graphtec’s range of data loggers has your needs covered.

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GL240 Compact Data Logger

Data Loggers